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We invite you to visit our stand at the fair Zieleń to Życie 2019
5-7 September 2019

ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14

You are welcome to visit us - hall 1, stand No. 1.57

Changes in the Haskap machine harvesting show!

On account of restrictions of heavy goods vehicles traffic on the roads in Poland on Sundays and holidays, we have just been informed by our Serbian haulier that the Haskap harvester, which is being transported to us from Serbia, will reach us with delay. Unfortunately, the above will affect our plans and we are forced to shorten the Haskap machine harvesting show.

We apologize for the above situation and thank you for your understanding.

This is to inform you that the Haskap machine harvesting show will take place on SATURDAY (22.06.2019) from 10:00 – 15:00.

On account of commercial confidentiality, at the request of the Haskap harvester producer, please refrain from recording films and taking pictures of the harvester.


The nursery’s main offices:
Muniakowice 100
32-090 Słomniki
50°17'31"N, 20°06'59"E

You are welcome!

Open Days 2019

We are anxiously waiting till the moment of harvesting the Honeysuckle (Haskap) on our plantation. We expect the fruits to be ripe in mid-June, and we are planning to harvest them by means of a pneumatic harvester which will be delivered to our place from Serbia.

Already today, we invite you to join Open Days (21-22.06.2019) in our nursery and witness a demonstration machine harvesting, take part in a tour of our plantation and berry tasting.

If you are interested, please contact us: Wojciech Mruk (510 125539); Sales Department (510 125 539);

The nursery’s main offices:

Muniakowice 100
32-090 Słomniki
50°17'31"N, 20°06'59"E

Official delegation from Georgia

Last weekend (9-10 March, 2019) in our nurseries we had a pleasure to entertain an official delegation from Georgia which came to Poland at the invitation of the Board of the Malopolska Province. We were visited by Mr Mamuk Turmanidze, Minister of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, and Mrs Tamara Davitadze.

First, the delegation participated in the 7th Blueberry Conference in Jachranka and on the next day the guests from Georgia came to Krakow, where on Saturday morning in the Centre for Agricultural Advisory Services they took part in a meeting with Łukasz Smółka, Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Province. The meeting included lectures on growing different species of plants and plant production which were delivered by the guests from the Adjara region (Georgia), Prof. Katarzyna Turnau from the Malopolska Centre for Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Biology, Krakow, Aldona Meller-Bieniek, PhD, from the Institute of Botany at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Dr Jan Danek from the NIVA Co., and Tadeusz Kusibab, MSc, from the Plantin Co.
Our nurseries were represented by Mr Tadeusz Kusibab who during his presentation entitled In-vitro propagation – the technology of contemporary times and the future discussed in detail that method of propagating plants and presented stages of their production processes in our nurseries.
After a lunch break, the Georgian delegation, representatives of the Malopolska Marshal Office and members of the academic and research circles visited a new laboratory of the Plantin Co. in Krakow and our nurseries.

We would like to thank Krzysztof Jabloński, MSc, Head of the Agriculture Team at the Department of Agriculture and Geodesy at the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Province and Dr Stanisław Flaga for inviting us to join the organization of that event.

Ewa and Tadeusz Kusibab, and Justyna Kusibab-Mruk (Plantin)
Aleksandra and Marcin Wyka (A.M. Wyka Nursery)
Paulina Kusibab-Popowicz and Mirosław Popowicz (Waganowice Nursery)

The interview granted by the Plantin owner to the Deutsche Baumschule journal.

The February issue of the Deutsche Baumschule contained the interview granted by the Plantin owner to the German journal on the Blue Honeysuckle. Dr Antje Lemke talked with Mr Tadeusz Kusibab about a great potential of the Blue Honeysuckle berries, their future on the fresh fruit market and about running the Honeysuckle plantation.
Excerpts from the above interview can be found on the Deutsche Baumschule website.
We highly recommend reading it.
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Updated on: 2019-08-02

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